Before deciding to enter a new market, a systematic process of gathering, recording and analyzing data and information about customers, competitors and market should be carried out. It helps create the more thorough business plan, fine tune existing strategies, products and services. An effective market research ensures optimal use of corporate sources. We draw upon our expertise in business development to help client examine the critical elements like rationale for entry, routes to market of distribution channels, office and plant locations, and mitigated risks.


We help client identify, profile and engage with the business partners. Business partnerships may take form in joint ventures, distributor relationships, wholesaling agreements or manufacturing partnerships. Designed to help client find the most matched partner, our partner selection program follows a systematic approach by conducting initial research to identify a list of possible companies, screening the companies in the initial list and based on an apparent fit, choosing a number of potentially candidates to carry out interviews to assess their overall capabilities, carrying out independent due diligence on short-listed candidates according to the selection criteria, arranging first meetings for the client to visit the final candidates, and assisting client with the negotiation of terms, and helping close the deal.


As company expands the business to international market, managing cultural differences is increasingly a part of every job. To lower risk of cultural mishaps, company needs to identify and implement program tailored to the culture of both home country and host country and revealing differences as well as similarities of business cultures and customs.


Once the new market area is established, we help client to design and implement systems in organization. From human capital framework to financial reporting system, Bloomhead combines expertise in formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional support systems that enable organization to operate the business progressively.